1. What is our ROI? 

There is no better question to ensure that you and your partners hard earned dollars are being managed appropriately. Additionally, it forces the question as to whether those responsible for generating results know how results are truly obtained. 

 2. What is our brand?

This is an important question and the answers that follow can be both telling and interesting. Fundamentally, you are asking those involved in your marketing what your reputation is and how that is interpreted by the market.

3. What is our competitor’s brand?

Following up on question #2, the answer to this question should help you understand how and why patients are choosing you or choosing your competitors. The follow up question to both #2 and #3 is, “How do you know that?”

4. Who is your compliance officer for PHI?

When you ask this question to your marketing firm, don’t provide them any context to the question. Just simply ask it. Your current patients are or should be your largest referral source and communicating with them is crucial to maximize a practice’s results, but it has to be handled appropriately.

If you aren’t targeting patients, you don’t have a marketing firm that understands marketing an orthopaedic practice. If you are, you have a significant HIPAA liability issue that needs to be immediately addressed.

5. What are other orthopaedic practices doing to produce significant results?

The reason most Fortune 500 firms work with large agencies is primarily because those agencies can bring with them insights and expertise from working with other large companies. One of the best resources is understanding what other orthopaedic practices are doing, learning, and generating results from. Your firm should be able to provide you with the latest innovations, but be able to clearly identify what the next step will be.



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