The foundation of Venel’s strategic leadership is our commitment to research. Completing over 100 research projects annually, Venel owns and manages the country’s largest collection of data in areas including patient decision-making, primary care referral patterns, and organizational communications. Our value is measurable, accountable, and licensed to one orthopaedic provider per market.

From evaluation and recommendations to implementation, Venel provides practices such as yours a competitive advantage in the marketplace. But, it all begins with the Instructional Course, an educational resource designed for executive-level staff that is only available to orthopaedic practices who are truly serious about growing their businesses.

When you sign up for the Instructional Course, one of our senior leaders will walk you through the latest research and data that will share with you:

  • What drives patient volume

  • Why patients choose your competitor

  • Assistance in creating a shared vision for you and your partners

With more than 30 years of experience and an exclusive focus in orthopaedics, Venel intimately knows the industry and has a keen understanding of which marketing and communications strategies work and which do not. By the end of the Instructional Course, your Practice will be in a position to make smarter decisions based on diligent research and hard data—not gut feel and opinion.

Doctors use data and research to support their clinical and surgical decisions—so why not use it to support the business decisions that affect practice growth and stability? Venel’s research and expertise lead orthopaedic providers to make strategic communication decisions that provide a proven competitive advantage, making the providers that work with Venel preferred 3 to 1 in their areas. Expect Results.

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