Alignment 2.0 Testimonials

"Alignment 2.0 is an exceptional tool for the busy orthopaedic surgeon to analyze their past, present, and future goals of their practice. This is not a book solely about marketing. True to its title, it is about aligning all facets of your practice towards a future goal and executing a plan to help achieve that goal. Alignment 2.0 forces you to ask the tough questions and gets you focused on creating a strategy to achieve your goals of creating a thriving and successful medical practice."
Stephen A. Hunt, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon

"Alignment 2.0 is full of well-presented approaches to everyday issues facing an orthopaedic practice. This is a must-read for anyone looking to sharpen his or her knowledge base in applicable marketing concepts in an orthopaedic practice. Well written and to the point."
Bob Kleinbauer
Administrative Director, Bone and Joint Center

"Alignment 2.0 displays an intimate knowledge of orthopaedic practices and, more specifically, the mindset of orthopaedists. It will renew your motivation to stay true to your objectives and focus on what is truly important to your practice."
Cindy L. Keene, CPA, MBA, FACMPE, CEO

"Alignment 2.0 is clear, concise, and action-oriented, while challenging the premise and strategies of traditional marketing approaches. It guides you through the planning and actions necessary to modernize orthopaedic practice marketing, while assessing the pros and cons of technology and social media. Not only is Alignment 2.0 a must-read, it is also a must-implement."
Michael H. Cox, Ph.D, FACSM

"Alignment 2.0 provides a roadmap for orthopaedists and practices to effectively evaluate their growth and marketing strategies and their budgets. Following this roadmap will no doubt make your practice better."
Earl Anderson
Executive Director, Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics

"Alignment 2.0 punches you in the gut and forces you to get real feedback from your patients and referral sources. It forces you, as a leader, to look intrinsically at your practice and guides you to improve on every patient and referral touchpoint. It directs you to seek continual improvement in all areas of operations. Alignment 2.0 gets my highest recommendation. A must-read for every physician, administrator, CEO, or manager currently involved in or joining a group practice."
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics

"Alignment 2.0 understands the nuances of running an orthopaedic practice. Each of the sections highlights the challenges and opportunities facing orthopaedic practices and offers thoughtful and instructive advice. The timeliness of the content and insights covering social media as well as the impact of alternative payment models on an orthopaedic practice were insightful. I think there is something in this book for every orthopaedic practice and would encourage all orthopaedic surgeons and practice administrators to read it, certainly prior to considering any larger changes to their practice structure or approach to marketing."
Eric M. Parsons, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon

"Alignment 2.0 is more than an excellent marketing and branding book. I especially appreciate the straightforward tactics for building a marketing platform that is in sync with operational strategy. The book offers unique insights to help master contemporary online marketing efforts and social media and provides a convenient reference that I go back to time and time again: a must-read for orthopaedic surgeons and practice administrators."
Keith Clark, PTA, MBA, CEO
Slocum Orthopedics

"Insightful and thought provoking, Alignment 2.0 provides a valuable glimpse into the perspective of our patients and referral sources and why they choose us . . . and our competitors. From social media to social interactions in our offices, this should be a handbook for how to build a better patient-centered practice."
Thomas F. Murray, Jr., MD
Co-Chairman, AAOS Practice Management Seminar

"This is a “How to do” book of orthopaedic practice. Organized in short, concise sections, it is long but easy to read. Alignment 2.0 is highly worthwhile and actually rather entertaining. I suggest you give it, or a copy, to your practice manager. Worthwhile and well worth perusing."
Wilmont R. Kreis, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Alignment 1.0 Testimonials

“This book will become the foundation to building a successful practice of orthopaedic surgery. Each chapter is filled with pearl after pearl of useful, practical information and insights that are applicable to every style of practice. Alignment is a must-read for any orthopaedic surgeon who wants to be successful in the practice of orthopaedic surgery now and into the future.”
Thomas J. Grogan, MD
Chairman, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Practice Management Committee

"Great Book... Strongly recommend for every orthopaedist."
Howard Luks, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Alignment has a message that is both simple and complicated.  The powerful concepts around the connection between your patient’s experience and your marketing plan can save a lot of wasted time and money. It is a user-friendly guide that is well worth the time spent for you and your senior leaders.”
D. Kay Kirkpatrick, MD
Co-President, Resurgens Orthopaedics

Alignment is a business book; a book of strategic marketing, decisions-making and executing for results in the practice of orthopaedics for which I have spent a great deal of my career serving.  Not only is this book a great read, it provides a logical and sequential thought process for being more effective and for using data and measurement in decision-making.  Highly recommend.”
Michael J. McCaslin, CPA
Principal, Somerset CPA’s, PC
Faculty, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

"Alignment captures the essence of the ever-evolving medical practice environment.  It is a well-written, timely, and strategic approach to the art of marketing and a valued resource for physicians/orthopaedists.  It should also be on the bookshelf of every practice CEO and Administrator.  The book is a strategic guide and a recommended prerequisite for developing an efficient marketing model for any group’s formal business or operations plan.”

Darrell Schryver, DPA
Former CEO, Southern California Orthopedic Institute

“In the ever-changing world of healthcare, everyone is being stretched thin to just ‘keep up.’ Alignment will help you take a step back from 'keeping up' mode, to looking at the bigger picture of your practice and its future. It will provide insights on how you can ensure your practice maintains alignment through this world of constant changes. It is truly a must read for orthopaedic administrators and surgeons!”
Andrea Nelson Allyn, MBA, ATC

Athletic Trainer, Clinic and Sports Medicine Director

Alignment provides vision for strategic marketing in an orthopaedic practice. The authors offer clear insight into the complex and quickly changing world of healthcare. This is well written with tactical steps to execute along with current considerations for long-term strategy. It is a good book to read and easy to follow—I highly recommend it!”
Christine Moss
Orthopaedic Practice Consultant