Jean-Andre Venel was born on May 28, 1740, and is famously known for building the first orthopaedic institute of its kind in the world, in Orbe, Switzerland, in 1780. Known as the father of orthopaedics, Venel was responsible for many diverse musculoskeletal treatments and inventions, of which many were still in use nearly 200 years after his death.

Venel was a voracious learner. He was passionate about advancement, progress, and results. He researched, investigated, and experimented. Before there were “outcome studies,” Venel casted patients upon arrival at the institute and casted them upon departure. And unlike his peers, he measured his results. The knowledge he gained led him to his next study again and again.   

With our specialization in orthopaedics, strategic commitment to research, continual development of platforms, and adamant focus on results, we proudly honor Jean-Andre Venel in our focus, in our research, in our actions, and in our name.