It is ironic that in a profession that leans so heavily on research, treatment plans, and outcomes, that most orthopaedic practices have no data, no plan, and no follow-up measurements when it comes to growth and marketing efforts.

Our experience over nearly 30 years has been that orthopaedic surgeons make significantly better decisions—and make them faster—when they have access to good data. The discipline of data, planning, and measurement produces increasingly better results over time, and more often than not, at a lower percentage of practice receipts. This means more of the right patients, while requiring fewer and fewer resources.

Foregoing research and data and replacing it with gut-feel and opinion inevitably leaves practices with no clear understanding of their current patient base or their current service level to referral sources, and no gauge on their market awareness and preference levels within their market.

Coupling good research and data with a solid strategy not only gives practices an understanding of where to start, but what direction to go while identifying areas of concern and steering you towards real progress.

If there is a clinical process that can help nearly any business, it is the one that’s utilized with each and every one of your current patients. Start with a good assessment, develop a solid treatment plan, and follow up with measuring and evaluating how things are proceeding.


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