There is a single focus that winds through every top-notch orthopaedic practice—a focus they may not even be aware of because it is part of their culture, their organizational DNA.

It isn’t patient care, even though that is a tangible derivative. It isn’t ancillary revenue, contracting, or access, even though those are important. What differentiates the best practices is their unconscious and conscious focus on people at every level, including leadership, management, staff, and patients. You are, or should be, in the people business, albeit one that offers musculoskeletal care. This is completely different from being in healthcare or running a practice.

Knees and hips don’t choose you. People do. Rotator cuffs and ankle fractures don’t refer to you. People do. If you really want to develop an exceptional practice, spend more time and attention on people, and you will see more hips and knees.



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