Put a list of your five favorite companies (or brands) you look forward to engaging with, purchasing from, or visiting. It could include a specific hotel or restaurant; it could also include a particular car dealership or an online specialty store.

Once your list is complete, identify the reasons you look forward to interacting with them. What you will often find is that there are specific brand attributes you seek out and consistently patronize. These attributes say a lot about what is important to you as a consumer.

The next exercise is to list five companies or brands you despise. Those you avoid at all costs. Those organizations that you go out of your way to circumvent. Maybe you will include your local DMV (department of motor vehicles), a certain grocery store, or that restaurant your father-in-law loves. If you put your list together and identify their brand attributes, it will also tell you a lot about what is important to you . . . the opposite of what these organizations deliver.

This exercise is one we all do each and every day as living human beings. We think about past experiences and how those aligned with what was either enjoyable and helpful or brutal and frustrating. It is also what each and every patient and referral source does with you and your Practice.  

So if we asked your patients and your referral sources the same question, would you make it on to one of their lists? Which one?




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