What is the one thing that, if you did it, would allow you to dominate your market? Don’t worry yourself about how long it would take or how much money it would require. We are not concerned about whether or not you have the right people to pull it off. We only care about what it is. What could you do that would exceed any competitive response? What could you do to influence any and all new orthopaedists to either join your practice or head out of town because competing with you would be too difficult?

What is it?

Hopefully you will take a little time and think about this for a minute. If time and resources were of limitless supply, what could you do to dramatically dominate your market?

And your answer is . . . ?

We would be willing to bet you have something in mind. Some idea that is interesting, compelling, and achievable. We would also be willing to bet it would be hard. Not hard like a day of difficult patients, but hard like climbing Mount Everest. Something that would take a lot of time, resources, and planning. Something that would require some money, but even more challenging, convincing partners to invest and go along with you.

Lastly, we are confident that your idea is right, that you will end up doing something similar in nature in the next 5 to 10 years, and that you will likely be pushed into it because a competitor has already implemented it or is considering it.

What we know is that progress is hard. What we also know is that strategic value comes out of doing what others are hesitant to do because it is hard, difficult, and challenging. In some cases, the level of difficulty is the competitive advantage. Take a look at centralized scheduling, offering weekend hours, or conducting primary care outreach visits. All of these efforts are valuable, and yet, few practices commit and execute them.

The great thing about being strategic and being out front is that not only does it position you as the leader, it always positions everyone else as followers. If only it could be easier, but leadership rarely ever is.



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